Basic H² vs Windex

Basic H vs Windex

Basic H², in conjunction with its “Get Clean” line out performs or matches 20 national brands. 

Some of the features that set Shaklee above the rest include their:

  • Super concentrated formula.History in scientific research backed to 1956.
  • The freedom to mix their formula how you want without needing to buy another product.

Take a look at this quick chart to see why Basic H² is better.


Feature Common Brands
Ex. 409, Mr Clean, Clorox, ect
Green Brands
Ex. “Simple Green,” “Amway,” ect.
Shaklee’s Basic H2
Ammonium and/or ethanolamine Yes Sometimes, yes
(Simple green does)
Biodegradable & non-abrasive Often, no Often, yes Always
Recyclable packaging Sometimes, yes Often yes Always
Concentrated formula Often, no Often, yes
(1 part to 3 parts of product)
(Super concentrated)
Respiratory triggers Always Sometimes Never
Price per gallon About $14.30 About $7.68 About $0.21

Affraid of the costs? No sweat, your spending less than a quarter per gallon when compared to other all-purpose brands you may know. Your usage will also last much longer than any other product you buy simply because Basic H² is super concentrated.

Think about this. A 16oz bottle equals the cleaning uses of these 28oz bottles:

214 ready-to-use all-purpose cleaner
5,704 bottles of window cleaner (Windex) or
36 bottles of ready to use degreaser.