Shaklee 180 Questions & Answers

What makes this program special?

The Shaklee 180® products have been formulated with lean protein and leucine to help you retain muscle. That means they are designed so you lose the fat, not the muscle. Muscle is what helps keep your metabolism up, which helps you with weight management. Shaklee 180® is designed to burn fat, so you see inch loss and pound loss which can improve the proportion of muscle to fat in your body. There is a reason muscle is called “lean”—pound for pound, muscle takes up less space than fat. Even when weight stays the same, you will notice your clothes fitting better! *


Alcohol and Weight Loss

Many people want to know more about Alcohol and Weight loss. Consider the following....

What is worse for your diet: A 1/2 cup scoop of ice cream or a beer? The truth might surprise you...

Summer Weight Loss Secret

Summer Weight Loss Secret - Is there such a thing?

Is there a summer weight loss secret that works out there? The weight loss season is in full swing.  It’s a time to look forward to warmer temperatures, more time outdoors, great food at cookouts, family, friends, special drinks, vacations, irregular meal-times, ice cream, patriotic celebrations, not enough sleep.  Do you see a pattern of sabotages to our best laid plans here? 

Which Shaklee Product is Right for Me?

Use our interactive Product Wizard to help you find just the right Shaklee Product.  

Our Product Wizard shows you all the health categories like bone health, heart healh, anti aging, and lets you pick just the right category.*  Then you can filter your selection further by products that are Kosher, Gluten Free, or Vegetarian.  It only takes a moment and it is hooked into our Interactive Product Catalog.  It could not be easier. 

How to Mix and Use Basic H²

Believe it or not, Basic H² makes 48 gallons of effective cleaner from just a 16oz bottle of Basic H².

 (64 oz of Basic H² are also available). Its super concentrated formula takes only drops mixed with 16oz of water.

Basically, anything you can clean with water, you can clean with it. It dominates grease, grime, and dirt in over 1,000 different ways. Here is a small list to gather ideas on things you may want to clean.  Keep in mind you can use it to clean indoors or out on any washable surface.


Find a Shaklee Distributor

Looking for a Shaklee Distributor? If someone has recently told you about Shaklee, we encourage you to check back with that person.  Shaklee has Independent Distributors to help you with finding the best Shaklee product to meet your needs.  If you are looking for a Shaklee Distributor, you have lots of choices in our amazing Shaklee Family and we hope that you will give us the honor to be your Shaklee connection.

What is the Shaklee Difference?

What makes Shaklee vitamins and supplements different?  What is the Shaklee Difference? The best real life example of the Shaklee Difference is the huge number of people that have used Shaklee products for years and their inspiring stories of long active lives.

How to Avoid the Flu Naturally

How to Avoid the Flu Naturally - is it Flu and Cold Season or Unhealthy Living?

I am pretty good about following the advice of the experts.  But sometimes, it just doesn't seem to be a good fit for me.  We hear every year how important it is to get a flu shot.  I followed those instructions and still got sick every year.  So I have learned how to avoid the flu naturally.  For a number of years, I had a very high-stress corporate management position in a company that experienced its busiest season at the end of the year through January.  It was a time of hard work, long hours, little sleep, irregular eating and unending stress.  Every year, I got sick – a flu bug, a cold, a sinus infection, a stomach virus, intestinal flu. 

What is a Green Home? More than a Trendy Concept

What Is a Green Home? It is More than a Trendy Concept ... 

Have you wondered  "what is a green home"?  Whether you are a first-time home buyer or not, purchasing a home that is ecologically friendly and energy efficient is worth the investment. In fact, having a “green home” is currently a very trendy concept in the real estate market.

How to Order Shaklee Products

It is Fast and Easy to Order Shaklee Here. We have easy Online Secure Ordering, 800 Number, Live Chat, it's up to you.

Don't Wait - Call Today - Order Shaklee Here

It's safe quick, and easy to order from an official Shaklee Distributor.  If you prefer to Do it Yourself, then click here to be taken to the Shaklee Shopping Site.  If you want someone else to order for you, no problem.  Just cal 1-800-323-5323 for a live Shaklee Expert (we won't put you on hold).  We also have a Live Chat service if you have a quick question before you order.   All our products come with a 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. If you don't Feel Better, you get your Money Back.  


Be Green Without Breaking Your Budget

Be Green on a Budget

There are several different ways that your household can go green on a budget. It starts with the basics, like establishing a compost pile, actively recycling items and making bills paperless when possible. If you want to take the next step to living a greener life without breaking your budget, consider these easy lifestyle adjustments.

Eat a Summer Rainbow

Summer is the Time to Eat a Summer Rainbow

My family is blessed to live where sunshine is plentiful.  Fresh and healthy produce is in abundant supply. We are also blessed to have family members with strong beliefs and knowledge about good nutrition  My niece, who was born in China, shared with us about having a rainbow of colors on your plate.  She said the China way is to have many colors on our plate and to avoid a plate of only one or two colors.  So, now we look at our dinner plate in a whole new way.  And what better time to do that when you can eat a summer rainbow? 

Are You Ignoring Digestive Health?

Is the Aging Population Ignoring Digestive Health?

Gasp - are you considered in the 'aging population"?  Well, many of us are, even if we don't consider ourselves in that category.  It is wonderful to feel good and be young at heart.  But since many of us are in denial, we may not pay attention to our own needs as they change over time. And often we just live with conditions using the belief that it's just because we are getting older and things don't work as well as they used to.

Boost Vitamin D Any Time of Year

Even when you start your New Year with exciting goals and plans, often that enthusiasm fades by mid-January.  What could be causing that feeling of gloom and weakness?  Here’s something to think about when you are looking for answers – boost Vitamin D any time of year.

What difference could vitamins make for my health?

People often ask me why I think so much of vitamins and supplements.  The short answer is that I believe that they are part of a healthier way to improve your life without the draconian list of potential side effects of many of the drugs we see daily on television, on the internet and in our magazines; the fact that there is often a whole page or more of potential side effects, many of them quite serious, is reason in my mind to try a lifestyle change first.

Don't Flush your Vitamins! Get Shaklee Vitamins

Are Bargain Vitamins Really A Bargain or should you use Shaklee Vitamins?

You may be thinking … I take a daily multi-vitamin and I get whatever is on sale at the lowest price I can find

Why would I buy Shaklee vitamins? 

The answer is found in ONE word – ABSORBABILITY!  How much of a bargain are your bargain vitamins if they pass through your system without giving your body any benefit? 

Are Shaklee Vitamins Expensive?

Some people think Shaklee vitamins are expensive. But in life, we usually get what we pay for. So let's see if this holds true for Shaklee vitamins.

Lack of Sleep Could Cause Chaos in Your Life

So Which Came First?  A Chicken or Egg Kind of Dilemma 

We hear it all the time.  "I have so much stress and my life is so crazy, I'm not getting enough sleep."  Hmmm, it just might be a possibility that a lack of sleep could cause chaos in your life. It is interesting to consider, is not enough sleep adding to your stress or is your stress causing you not to sleep.

Does Stress Cause Dementia?

Most of us know someone who has been affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s.  If not someone in our own family, but in the family of someone we know.  It is a devastating situation, not only for the patient, but for the family and those that provide care.  And for those of us with a family history, it brings the additional worry of ‘will it happen to me?’  And that adds stress to our already stressful lives.  So, it can be frightening to ask the questions, “Does stress cause dementia?” or “Does stress bring about Alzheimer’s?”