Are You Ignoring Digestive Health?

Is the Aging Population Ignoring Digestive Health?

Gasp - are you considered in the 'aging population"?  Well, many of us are, even if we don't consider ourselves in that category.  It is wonderful to feel good and be young at heart.  But since many of us are in denial, we may not pay attention to our own needs as they change over time. And often we just live with conditions using the belief that it's just because we are getting older and things don't work as well as they used to.

When you think of health concerns of the older crowd, it's easy to think of cardiovascular health, bone and joint health, brain and memory health and vision health.  And now, as consumers we are becoming more aware of the huge impact our digestive health has on our quality of life.  Digestive health has become a more targeted focus, too, rising in position with food and drug manufacturers as a target age-related health disorder.

Why is it not a good idea for you to be ignoring digestive health?

Most of us react to symptoms rather than really looking for the real cause.  It's what we do in our quick fix society.  When we feel bloated, experience heartburn, have gas or an upset stomach, we want something that will fix it fast.  It can be overwhelming to think through all of our symptoms. Some of us in the 'aging population' just accept some minor upsets as a part of aging.  In reality, anyone with symptoms of indigestion should be properly diagnosed.

Digestive upset can be the symptom you rush to treat.  But have you ever considered that other symptoms such as food allergies or skin conditions such as eczema are results of a digestive imbalance?

What Can You Do?

Here are some daily eating habits that could help you better digest your food and promote excellent digestive health, no matter your age!

  • Slow down at meal time - remember to chew your food (yes, your mother was right!)
  • Take smaller bites of food.
  • Minimize how much liquid you drink during your meal.  And switch to water with lemon.
  • Add foods to your diet, such as prunes, that promote normal bowel function.
  • Take digestive enzymes to support digestion of fat, protein, and carbohydrates including lactose.

  • Supplement with Prebiotics and Probiotics to feed friendly bacteria and healthy intestinal activity.


Bottomline, you are never too old, or too young, to take your Digestive Health seriously.  Let us help you explore your best options today.