Do you want to Become a Shaklee Distributor?

Shaklee DistributorOne of the great things about the Shaklee business model is that it’s powered by Social Marketing and allows you to participate in the profits.  Shaklee has a USE – SHARE – BUILD framework that helps to identify where in the business model you’ll find the best fit.

USE – Many people just want to USE the products as Shaklee customers.  Shaklee makes 75% of its revenue from customers, which means that Shaklee has a large, loyal customer base.  If you’re just wanting to enjoy the benefits of Shaklee products, this is the best place to start.  Most Shaklee distributors started out as a customer.  They fell in love with the products, and decided to also turn their passion for the products into a revenue stream.

A lifetime Shaklee Membership is only $19.95, but we offer many ways to get your membership for free. Call 1-800-323-5323 to find out what your best option is for becoming a member.

SHARE – Once you fall in love with a product, it’s natural for you to SHARE your experience with your friends and family. By becoming a distributor you’ll earn a commission for any products that your contacts purchase.  The SHARE model is great for people that want to work part time.  You can easily earn enough to get your products for free, or turn your part-time business into a full-time income. 

The best way to join Shaklee as a distributor in the SHARE framework is to join with a $349 Gold Pack.  This sets you up in business, and gives you a good set of best-selling products to use.

BUILD – If you’re serious about making money and pursuing a career at Shaklee, then your best bet is to start with a BUILD pack and become a Director as soon as possible.  A Director is the Shaklee starting business leader level and on average earns over $10,000 a year.  Once you’re a Director, you just duplicate to earn cars, cash, and trips*.

The best way to join Shaklee as a BUILDER is to purchase a $649 Gold Plus pack.  This has a LARGE assortment of products, tools, training, and also includes your tickets to the Shaklee annual conference.

What’s Next? – Before you make the decision to become a Shaklee Distributor, we recommend that you see the entire business model so you can see how the Shaklee business works.  If you’re interested in learning more about our business model, send an email to and I will setup a personal interview with you.

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