Doing Webinars with Webinar Ignition

Webinar IgnitionAs a Shaklee Distributor, I end up doing quite a few Webinars.  It's a great way to show people our business, our products, or just do training.  Over the past year I've used many platforms, and even wrote my own webinar platform for Today I've started using a new system call Webinar Ignition.  Webinar Ignition is a mixture between a WordPress plugin, and Google Hangouts which lets you use WordPress to handle all the Sceduling and inviting, and use Google Hangouts and YouTube to do the Live Streaming and Recording. 

What I like about Webinar Ignition?

The Price is only $97 One-Time.  This is much better than $20 to $99 a month like most services. Let’s face it – if you’re new to webinars you don’t want to spend a ton of money until you know that you are goiing to really use them. Webinar Ignition has a low price point at $97 one-time fee. 

Another thing I like about Webinar Ignition is that it's part of your site and uses your domain name. So all of the functionality happens right on your website. This is great for SEO – you’re driving traffic on to your site instead of driving it to a landing page on a different domain. That also means that you don’t have to worry about the webinar service going down – as long as your website is up everything should work fine. You do need Google Hangouts on Air for the actual broadcasting and recording.