Great AHA Moments at Shaklee Orlando Regional

Shaklee Orlando RegionalShaklee Orlando Regional - Best Regional Ever

The best summary of the Shaklee Orlando Regional conference is an old saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  Jim expressed this as we talked about all the things we learned, the clarity in our purpose that we saw, and the inspiration we felt throughout this event.  It was a great mixture of Shaklee culture, experienced leadership and young, fresh insights.

This blog would be too long to recap every moment, so I will highlight our take-aways giving credit to the speakers.  But, first, a little background on this event.  Hosted by Tony and Debbie Underwood, Shaklee Master Coordinators from Atlanta, GA, this event took place just north of Orlando, FL on January 23.  The evening before was an advanced training event and reception.  This field sponsored event is coordinated and funded by Tony and Debbie Underwood with assistance from Carolyn Wightman, Presidential Master Coordinator, Florida.  This was the 7th event with the next one scheduled on June 11.  Put.On.Your.Calendar.Not.To.Be.Missed … 

Roland Oosterhouse, Presidential Master Coordinator, Nashville, TN 

How do you think?  Roland is an observant listener and he has learned that what people say shows what they are thinking and that drives their behavior.  So if you want to achieve greater results, change your thinking!  That is what is needed to change your language.  If your dream is to become a Master Coordinator, your thinking has to adjust to that.  Master Coordinators develop leaders and look for the leaders in everyone.  Someone shared the quote – “You cannot go where your thoughts have never been.” 

Shaklee is positioned for growth with signals that a big wave is coming.  Get ready NOW to catch it.  What holds us back?  Many things, but mostly Lack of Confidence.  We look for permission from others.  Give permission to YOURSELF.  Prepare for success – take a chance.  What do people with confidence do?  They ask questions, listen for answers.  Be sure you are not the one doing all the talking.  Let your customer tell you about their Shaklee product experience – don’t take their thunder away.  Make a commitment to do the activity needed to grow your business.  For example, give 2 samples away a day.  Use the tea, skincare, Basic H – many samples are available that will give a good experience.  Set a goal to have your new customers use two lines of products in 45 days – make suggestions based on what you hear them say.  It is possible to have ten new sales leaders in the next twelve months.  Make a decision to make a difference – it starts with you.

Bill Firth, Senior Master Coordinator, Buffalo, New York

What Bill talked about will make you stop and think – it’s a subject he’s spent time researching and contemplating the impact.  But first, a comment about Bill Firth – what an inspiration!  75 years young, a part of Shaklee for 48 years and he was energetic on stage, spoke with intelligence, passion and humor.  He talked about the New Economy and the impact of technology and globalization.  At first, I was thinking – this isn’t new information – but then I had some AHA moments, including:

1. There is no demographic group that Shaklee doesn’t provide a solution.  And there is not one demographic group that exclusively provides Shaklee success.  There is so much to learn from the Shaklee family with years of experience and there is opportunity for new growth from all age groups.  AHA!
Listen for their needs and often you’ll find it described in these statistics:

a. Millennial’s as a group (age 19-35) are often under-employed or unemployed (5 million out of work).  With an average salary of $33,800, 4 in 10 are in an average of $30,000 in debt.  One in Three live with parents (In New Jersey, that number grows to 48%.) When asked what they are saving for, the response is flexibility, freedom, and the ability to have choices.  Also, the millennials have just surpassed the baby boomer group in number.
b. Generation X (age 36-54) represents 41 million in America.  Often with growing families, a too-high mortgage, aging parents and no savings, they may not be looking for options, but are often feeling squeezed.
c. Baby Boomers (age 55+) are finding themselves in the age of un-retirement.  Many are unable to retire or to afford climbing medical bills.

2. Between now and 2019, the network marketing profession is positioned to prosper.  In a study by the Cleveland Clinic in 2015, traits for successful enterprises include showing empathy, story-telling, collaboration, building relationships and solving problems.  AHA!

3. Shaklee is a people franchise.  In traditional employment, there will be jobs for employees with skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  These ‘left-brain’ positions have average salaries of $70K and more jobs than applicants.  For ‘right-brain’ applicants, the average salary is $30-40K and these jobs are more likely to be replaced (example – baseball scout replaced by analytics).  Why not partner with a company with strong ‘left-brain’ core, i.e. based on science and quality?  Like Shaklee, always safe, always works, always green.  AHA! 

Laura Evans, Master Coordinator, Charleston, SC

Due to the snowstorm, Laura joined us via SKYPE which was amazingly effective.  We sang Happy Birthday to her via SKYPE – that may be a first!  Number One takeaway from Laura Evans, Presidential Master Coordinator is (did you notice the title change).  Exactly!  She made a decision to be Presidential Master Coordinator and that guides everything.  She has an organization chart drawn of how her organization will be at that level.  She sets her goals for HIGHER than minimum needed to achieve the trips, new rank, so that she pushes further. 

Over the last two years of building as a Shaklee Business Leader, she has learned to ask questions.  She keeps a question mark drawn on her inner wrist to remind her to ‘be less bossy’, do less teaching, ask more questions and LISTEN.  Listen beyond the immediate – where have they lived (who might they know in other areas), how is their family (what other family members may have needs Shaklee can meet), who are other friends and acquaintances (who do they know that could be Shaklee referrals). 


Alyson Dudek, Speedskating Bronze Medalist, Two Time USA Olympian

Alyson is featured in the Shaklee Product Guide 2016 on page 93 across from the description “Radiant”.  How fitting!  She exudes radiance, confidence, energy, determination.  Her story is inspiring.  She made the decision at age 7 to become an Olympian.  She competed in the 2010 and 2014 Olympics and won the Bronze medal in Speedskating.  Her training schedule was 8-10 hour training days, 6 days a week.  She partnered with the Shaklee Pure Performance team after 2010 and before the 2014 Olympics.  For the last two years, she has represented the Pure Performance team, speaking at events and traveling to places like China.  She talked about being in transition, looking for her next opportunity.  She has decided to start a Shaklee business to give back to the Olympic community.  Look to hear more stories of success and inspiration from Aly.


Craig Cushman, VP of Shaklee Sales, Eastern Region

If you haven’t heard Craig speak, be sure to get into an audience to take advantage of his teaching.  He gives you insights, makes you laugh, makes you think.  And he always has a list!  Which is a good thing.  (Craig will be in the Tampa, FL area on Tuesday, February 9 - Contact James & Stacy at 719-322-8271 for details.) 

As Shaklee Business Leaders, we are in business for ourselves but our job is to be a successful influencer.  The job skills include being caring and giving appreciation.  To be a successful influencer, you must:

1. Observe – get into their needs and wants
2. Activate – inspire others to motivate themselves
3. Influence – embrace your power to impact and have an effect on others
4. Engage – own it!  Craig told a story about how he learned a life lesson from a high school English teacher – he made a decision to get a better result. Something we can all learn from and do.

I could go on!  There were so many takeaways from other speakers, Tony & Debbie Underwood, Carolyn Wightman, Bill Wolfington, Product Testimonies from Jim Fulford, Aaron Gottschalk and others.  And the event was filled with stories, including an amazing and jaw dropping Shaklee story from Master Coordinator Laura Hostetler.

This is something you can be in on.  Click on the link to sign up via Eventbrite for the next conference in Orlando. 

Orlando Power Up 2016 – June 11, 2016 – 9 AM to 6 PM.  Click Here to Register
Sheraton Orlando North, 600 N. Lake Destiny DR, Maitland, FL 32751
Coordinators & Above – Advanced Training on June 10 starting at 6 PM

Peggy Fulford