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I felt compelled to write a short Shaklee review after looking at the results that came up after doing a Google Search of “Shaklee Reviews”.  If you are reading this review, then there’s a good chance that someone has talked to you about Shaklee, and you’re in the initial process of doing your online research about Shaklee.  You may be researching the Shaklee Products or the Shaklee Business Opportunity. 

It may be difficult for you to find a truly unbiased review, whether a Shaklee review or about anything online.  But bias in a review is really what you should expect. When you read a review on a restaurant in your local area, someone that had poor service, or got a dish that they did not like the taste of, will obviously give a bad review.  On the other hand, someone that had a great dining experience would have a very different and positive review.  Reading both of these reviews you will find it hard to believe that they ate at the same restaurant, but as you know a dining experience has much more to do with your overall experience, including your expectations, than just the part of the experience that the restaurant was able to control and deliver. 

The same will be true as your read reviews of Shaklee (and any other company). The reviews will be based on the individuals’ experience whether good or bad. If you’ve seen the review with a large heading:

Shaklee Reviews - Shaklee Scam or Shaklee Pyramid Scam

You’re going to find a review from someone that had a bad experience in the business.  Network Marketing takes work. Many people join an MLM with a Lottery Ticket mentality hoping that if they get in the right company, and at the right time, then magic things will happen and they will get rich.  It doesn’t work that way, in network marketing, or anything in life. You need to view Shaklee (or any other company) as a long term plan, knowing that you’ll need to invest 2 to 5 years before you’ll start seeing real results. 

For the same reason, if you’re just researching Shaklee, I recommend you ask the person who shared the Shaklee Opportunity with you to setup a call with someone that has been successful (probably someone in their up line) and talk to them about what you should expect and see how the conversation feels to you.. This is important for many reasons.  First, you really need to find a team that’s actively building and that you are a good fit with.  It’s very hard to do this on your own, so working with a supporting team is important, and you can learn a lot from this conversation.

For the same reason, it’s really not a good idea to ask your brother-in-law what he thinks of the business.  Let’s say that he did Monavie 15 years ago and never earned any money with them.  He will never say “I failed at Network Marketing, but YOU’D be GREAT at it”.  More than likely he will say “Those things don’t work” and discourage you.  However, for most people Network Marketing is their best opportunity to own their own business for a small investment, and have the opportunity to earn an income that can replace a 9 to 5 a job they hate.

Also, Shaklee is one of the safest business investments you can make.  First of all, they have a 100% money back guarantee on everything, so if you don’t like something you can send it back with no questions asked. They also do more research on their products than every other Network Marketing company combined, so you know that you’re getting top shelf quality.

That being said, this Shaklee review will also be biased, but my review will come from a different perspective than most people. I’m currently a Shaklee Distributor and very happy with the company, but I went through several other companies over the last 15 years before I discovered Shaklee.  I’ll tell more of my story toward the end of this article, but just because you failed at Network Marketing in the past, does not mean that you won’t do amazing things at Shaklee. 

If you would like a Short Unbiased Shaklee review, check out this article from Forbes magazine.

The Shaklee Company

Shaklee is currently the #1 Natural Health company in America, and was voted the #1 Nutritional company by the Direct Selling Organization.  Shaklee was started in 1956 by Dr Forrest Shaklee, but the company’s roots go back 100 years with Dr Shaklee’s invention of the modern multivitamin back in 1915. 

Shaklee has a philosophy that nature holds the answers to a healthy and productive life. By using pure and potent ingredients and the foremost scientific research, Shaklee formulates nutritional products that work and are truly life enhancing.

Shaklee markets over 400 products in 5 major consumer categories.  Every product is designed to improve the quality of people lives by providing them with safe, natural products that work. You can get a good idea of the quality and extensibility of the Shaklee Product line by taking a look at the Online Product Catalog.

Shaklee Reviews on Leadership – Roger Barnett

No Shaklee Review would be complete without a bio of Roger Barnett. Roger Barnett purchased the Shaklee company in 2004 for an estimated $400 million. Under his leadership the company has more than doubled in size.  He has a long term view and a visionary plan for Shaklee.  Shaklee has 1.5 million family members around the world, but Roger’s vison is to lead Shaklee to 10 million members worldwide.  At the 10 million mark Shaklee will be the largest force for good on the planet (outside of religion).  So we’re doing big things.  You will be amazed at the amazing things Shaklee has done over the last 60 years.  Be sure to read the section “30 Things You Need to Know about Shaklee” toward the end of this article.

Here is a little more information on Roger Barnett’s resume.

  • Before coming to Shaklee, he controlled a fragrance sampling company which supplied over 90% of all samples, at its peak. He transformed the company into a global business within 6 years to become the largest in the world. He was Founder and CEO of which is still today a leading internet retailer.
  • Roger’s family has owned Burberry Fashions, which started as a high quality raincoat company. Considered reliable but not fashion forward, the Barnett family were instrumental in developing Burberry into a high line, luxury fashion house with one of the top internet presences today.
  • Mr. Barnett received his undergraduate degree from Yale College, his law degree from Yale Law School and his MBA from Harvard Business School.
  • Roger Barnett has served as the Managing Partner of Activated Holdings LLC, an investment vehicle for a private family holding company, controlling over $2 billion in assets.

The most amazing thing about Shaklee is the growth that’s happening RIGHT NOW as a direct result of Roger Barnett’s leadership.  At the time of the writing of this article, more than 60,000 people have joined Shaklee in the last 100 days, and as a result of that growth, Shaklee has paid out $91 million in commissions to distributors during the same 100 Day period.  Amazing.

Shaklee History

Dr. Shaklee was born in 1894 with tuberculosis.  His parents were told that he would not live past 8 years.  They believed that the best thing they could do for their son was to move away from the coal mines to northern Iowa where he could get fresh air, good food, and rest.

He later enrolled in the Palmer school of Chiropractic and was inspired by BJ Palmer’s holistic view of health.  While studying at Palmer, he saw many patients that were undernourished and overfed, and vowed to make sure people understood the importance of proper diet on their health.

In 1915 Dr Shaklee produced the worlds first multivitamin called “Vitalized Minerals”.  This product still exists today (100 years later) as Liqui-Lea.

In 1943, Dr. Shaklee retired from practice and began writing a series of articles on the mind's influence on health and well-being. His philosophy and lifelong belief was in the power of nature. Two years later he founded the Shaklee Foundation.

In 1956, at age 63, when most people would be winding down their careers, Dr Shaklee decided he wanted to do something that would affect the public's interest in nutrition. He wanted to start a business to distribute health supplements. On April 1, 1956, the Shaklee Corporation opened its doors. Dr Shaklee knew that every potential customer would have to be educated before they would become a customer. Dr. Shaklee told his sons, "We'll teach some and they'll teach others." For this reason, they chose the almost unknown MLM business model for the distributor of their products.   The rest is history.

Watch this Great Video about Dr Shaklee and the Shaklee Philosophy


Shaklee Products

Shaklee Products are designed to promote health in every area of life. Shaklee provides the best nutrition in every area that matters. From vitamin and mineral supplements, cognitive, joint and heart health, and weight-loss products, to skin care, healthy hair, and green and non-toxic household products, Shaklee gives you what you need to create healthier lives for you and your family.  If you are looking for great Shaklee Reviews on Products, I suggest you Google the name of the specific product.

Shaklee is best known for their organic home cleaners like Basic H and nutritional supplements like Vitalizer and Vita-lea, but they also carry a line of beauty and weight loss products. They have developed pioneering products such as Vivix which help slow cellular aging. Their newest product is the Shaklee Life Plan, which combines everything they have learned over the last 100 years to create the Best, Most Comprehensive Nutritional System in the World.  It includes the Life Strip daily nutrient foundation, and Life Energizing Shake for your daily protein, probiotics and Omega-3s.  This amazing product is backed by years of research and protected by 35 patents/pending.  They have a simple guarantee “Feel Better or your Money Back”

Here is a Great Video on the Shaklee Product Philosophy and the Shaklee Life Plan

Shaklee Science

The most impressive thing about Shaklee is the Science behind their products.  Most Network Marketing companies rely on their distributors to tell why their products work.  Shaklee is different, they use clinical studies to prove that their products work. They have over 200 published clinical studies.  This is more than every other network marketing company combined.  For this reason alone, you can understand why more people trust Shaklee than any other brand.  They have such high quality and purity standards that they have never had  a product recall in 60 years.

You can review the clinical studies at  This is what makes Shaklee the #1 Nutritional Company in America.

Watch this video on the Shaklee Difference to understand more about Shaklee Science

Shaklee Opportunity

So, by now you know the Products are GREAT, the Company is STABLE and GROWING, but is it a good opportunity, or more importantly a good opportunity for you.  Let’s take a look at this by categorizing the 3 primary types of Shaklee users.

USE the Products – 75% of Shaklee’s revenue comes from customers.  People that just want to use the best products available.  If you’re looking to become a customer Shaklee has several alternatives for you.  First, you can just buy products from a Shaklee Distributor at retail prices.  You have the best quality product on the planet, backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

By becoming a Shaklee Member for a one-time fee of $19.95 you will have access to your own Shaklee shopping portal, and review most products at a 15% discount.  The $19.95 is similar to a Sam’s or Costco membership, except that you don’t need to renew it every year. Also, by placing your product orders on auto fulfillment, you can get an additional 10% discount on the products.  This gives you a 25% discount and access to every Shaklee product.

SHARE the Products – Most Shaklee distributors that currently own a Shaklee business started out as customers, although this is not a requirement.  But when you get a great result from the product and decide to share your experience with your friends and family, then it makes sense to become a Distributor so you can participate in the profit loop.  By simply sharing the products with your sphere of influence, you can easily earn enough money to get your Shaklee products for "Free".  If you are looking to earn from $50 to $500 a month, then this is a great model for you, and you may want to start your business by getting a Gold Pack for $349.  This gives you a great set of Shaklee products that are all best sellers, and also sets you up with a complete Shaklee business including your own Shaklee website.

Build a Business – If you are looking for a full time income, or to replace a full-time income then you want to build a Shaklee business.  The best way to get started is to start your business with a Gold Plus kit and focus on the FastTrack Dream Plan to maximize your earnings.  The FastTrack Dream Plan is part of the Shaklee Compensation Plan designed for new members.  Its goal is to provide a plan where you can earn $100,000, Drive a New Car, and take two exotic trips during your first 2 years with Shaklee. 

We had a great experience during our first year with Shaklee on the Dream Plan,  this short video will show you what we accomplished when we started building our Shaklee bueinss.

Shaklee Reviews - Our First Year with Shaklee

Shaklee Credibility

When I ask people about Shaklee, most Baby Boomers have heard of the company since Shaklee was a Fortune 500 company back in the 80s, but many of the young people have never heard of Shaklee, so it’s always good to be able to share some of the things we can that prove what a credible company Shaklee is.  Consider the following:

  • Over 100 Olympic medalists use Shaklee products every day.  (I can guarantee that these people watch what they put in their bodies more than most of us.)
  • Shaklee Products are used to Clean the White House. (Also clean the Admiral’s House)
  • Shaklee Products were featured on Oprah as one of Oprah’s favorite things
  • Shaklee Products were used by NASA and Commander Mark Kelly who has more time in Space than any other Astronaut takes Shaklee vitamins every day, and even took them while in Space)
  • Shaklee Mindworks was recently featured on the Dr Phil show.
  • Shaklee’s newest member to their Scientific Advisory Board is Dr Elizabeth Blackburn who won the Nobel Prize for her work on Telomere’s  (Anti Aging research)
  • Refer to the 30 things you may not know about Shaklee for more

Shaklee Reviews - Compensation Plan

Compensation plans are complex, and they have to be to be fair and reward everyone fairly. When you are new to Shaklee, you should concentrate on creating customers. Shaklee pays you extremely well for creating customers, and this is also a good building block to becoming a Director which is the first level of leadership in Shaklee. 

This PDF file outlines the FastTrack Dream plan and explains how it works.  It’s a good resource, but it’s also a 20-page document.  For a quick overview of their compensation, I recommend that you start with this video.

Shaklee Compensation Plan – Shaklee Reviews By the Numbers

Is This a Good Time to Join Shaklee? Is it Growing?

Is there the perfect time to join a company?  Many people believe, that if they can join just the right company, at just the right time, then all their financial issues will be solved.  As new Network Marketing companies are launching (almost daily), this is a common recruiting tactic used by these new companies to attract new distributors.  You hear “Get in on the Ground Floor”, “We’re going the be the next Billion Dollar Company”, or “XYZ who is an industry legend just joined this company”

Since 95% of all companies fail in their first 4 to 5 years and since network marketing companies are no exception to this rule, 1000s of people join new companies every year only to see the company go out of business.  This is one of the primary reasons the MLM industry has the reputation that it does.  New companies only talk about opportunity, and don’t talk about risk when they are getting off the ground.

However, it takes more than a great product or great idea to make a great company, they need to have good marketing, business strategy, financial backing, website development, sponsoring tools, just to name a few, and new business’s rarely have this,  all they really have is “Ground Floor Opportunity”.

The truth is, that even if you got into Shaklee, Amway, Herbalife, or any big company when it opened, if you did not build a team, then all the growth of the company would not benefit you.  The people that benefit, are the ones that do the work to build a business so they can take advantage of growth cycles as they occur.

Shaklee has been around 60 years, and has never missed a payment to its distributors.  During that time, not only did they pioneer the Network Marketing model, they’ve perfected it.  You really won’t be able to experience this until you’re a distributor, but having a stable company to build as your foundation is HUGE.  It’s nice to know that if you don’t succeed at Shaklee, it’s not the company’s fault, it’s yours.  Because you can look around at any time and see 100s of new people joining the company and making their dreams come true. 

If you are currently part of any network marketing company, sometimes its hard to determine if your company is growing or not.  When you get on the company wide conference calls, everything sounds great, and you’re thinking if things are going so great, why is my personal business not growing. 

Since most companies don’t disclose their financials, it’s hard to determine the financial viability of the company.  So, the best indicator that cannot be hidden, is the number of BRAND NEW PEOPLE that are reaching new levels and making their dreams come true.  If every conference call has the same old field leaders talking, then there is NO GROWTH, when you have people join the company that have never built an MLM before, and they earn a trip, or a car, or a new level, then you know new growth is happening. 

As I stated earlier, 60,000 people have joined Shaklee in the last 100 days, but a better indication is the number of brand new people that are building thriving Shaklee businesses.  Here are a few of their stories.

Bulak's Story

Ashley's Shaklee Effect

Luis' Shaklee Effect

Tiffany Vin and Roger Barnett

My Experience with Shaklee and Other Network Marketing Companies

I want to close this article with some information that I eluded to at the beginning, my personal experience with Shaklee, and several other Network Marketing companies. 

I started MLM in 2001 with a company called Amway, at the time I was working at a corporate job that paid really well, but was not fulfilling.  I loved the people and the personal development at Amway, but I did not have any luck building a business.  This was right after they were switching from Amway to Quixtar back when the Internet was just getting going.  The company had great products, and a rich history, but the name “Amway” chased many prospects away. 

My Amway up line Diamond moved from Amway into Team in Focus.  This was a start-up with tons of promise and lots of people joined it in its formative days. I moved with my Diamond into an exciting new venture with binary compensation plans (yuck), limited products, unclear building strategy, and most all the problems that new startups have.  The biggest challenge in building this company was that things were constantly changing, every time the compensation plan changed, everyone had to learn it and start over.

In 2009 I joined the Trump Network.  That’s right Donald Trump put his name on a network marketing company.  This was great when we first joined, because it was much easier to talk to someone about partnering with Trump.  Most people knew that Trump means money, and this was a company that had a great nutritional product, and a big name draw.  I was hoping that Trump would legitimize the network marketing model, and for a while this worked.  But, this company had growing pains too, and in the last months of 2011, we did not get paid.  By the end of the year, Trump had removed his name from the business and the company imploded.

In 2012 we moved to a small company called SISEL.  Primarily because they were trying to figure out how to save the Trump Network business that was failing.  This is a company that had good products, and a good compensation plan, but not a clear building strategy.  When the business strategy is weak, the company will continuously change things to try to get things working.  SISEL has published several compensation system changes in the last 3 years.  

In 2013, we joined Shaklee, and pretty much started fresh. What impressed me the most when I first saw the Shaklee Dream plan was that I could earn a 7 day cruise and a car payment by growing a business to 6,000 points in sales a month.  In Trump I would have needed 75,000 to get a car, and they did not even have trips.  We hit the ground running and for the first time in our career we really had a company that has everything together.  It was so great knowing a year in advance when the company meetings were going to be held, the incentive trips we could earn, and clear goals on what we had to do to earn them.

In our first two years we earned 5 amazing trips to destinations like Hawaii and Bali. We quickly earned a car, and several cash bonuses.  This does a great deal to increase your belief in the business.  When you’ve been on 5 all expense paid trips in two years, it’s hard for someone to tell you that your business model does not work.

So the lesson here for you, is even if you did not start out at Shaklee, it’s a great place to end up.  We are now building a business that we can pass down to our son, and it’s great to be with a company that’s been around for 60 years, and we see so many Shaklee businesses that have been passed down 3, 4, even 5 generations. 

Shaklee goes out of its way to be fair to everyone, and make sure that no one gets hurt.  You see this evidenced in every decision they make.

As I stated in the beginning, my main recommendation to you is to get back with the person that shared Shaklee with you, and have them help you do your due diligence.  Shaklee is not for everyone, but if you have a passion around living a healthy lifestyle, it may be the perfect fit for you.

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