Summer Weight Loss Secret

Summer Weight Loss Secret - Is there such a thing?

Is there a summer weight loss secret that works out there? The weight loss season is in full swing.  It’s a time to look forward to warmer temperatures, more time outdoors, great food at cookouts, family, friends, special drinks, vacations, irregular meal-times, ice cream, patriotic celebrations, not enough sleep.  Do you see a pattern of sabotages to our best laid plans here? 

All of the added calories, things on the to do list, and stress can sabotage our efforts to get more exercise, to eat and sleep well and to lose weight.  Although we may want to reduce weight, weight gain can happen this time of year. 

How Not to Gain Weight Instead of Lose Weight

So what one word is the secret to not have the opposite effect you are seeking??


Throughout the day, ask yourself over and over “What can I substitute to make a healthy choice?”  It is a great time to enjoy food with friends.  Don’t miss out!  Just modify your choices.  Take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables available now.  You may see that by making better choices resulting in weight loss, not weight gain, your motivation to reach your goal is even stronger.

Weight Loss Tips

Here are some ideas for how to avoid weight gain with a focus on finding healthy habits to SUBSTITUTE and support weight loss.
1. Substitute family traditions.  If going out for ice cream is a summer family tradition, substitute this tradition with one that includes fresh fruit - watermelon anyone?
2. Substitute your liquids.  Every calorie counts to avoid weight gain.  Drinking water with lemon instead of a sugary drink can save 100 calories.  Sipping that glass of water could help you feel full, especially just before your meal. 
3. Substitute your condiments.  That enticing cookout spread may have mayonnaise, cheese, dipping sauces and dressings.  Reach for the salsa instead to get a flavor boost without the fat.
4. Substitute your fitness options.  With more things to do and less time to do them, your regular fitness routine may slip and you just can’t seem to find the time to exercise.  Can’t squeeze in an hour?  Substitute your routine with an outdoor walk or run after lunch and another after dinner. 
5. Substitute your family gathering fun.   Find ways to switch the sedentary activities, like watching golf, in your family gatherings with an activity that gets everyone moving.  Get the family outside with a Frisbee, bean bag toss, horseshoes or even family volleyball.
6. Substitute your summer schedule.  Without school events and commutes, do you sleep in, stay out later, eat when you can and on the run?  Be honest about how you are using your time.  Even if your regular schedule changes, make sure that you get adequate sleep to keep your metabolism going.  Arrange to eat more often, even 5 light meals a day, instead of heavier meals with more time consuming preparation.  You’ll keep your energy up, your appetite in check and your mood will benefit when well rested.
7. Substitute your warm weather splurges.  Everywhere you look there is an advertisement for an irresistible treat.  Find a substitute for the ones that you just can’t do without.  Can't resist that Dairy Queen Peanut Butter Parfait?  Who knows what the calorie count is - most likely you don't really want to know..   Go for a  Shaklee Life Plan Smoothie with this yummy Peanut Butter Banana recipe:  Combine and blend 2 scoops Vanilla Shaklee Life Plan, 1 frozen banana, 1 teaspoon peanut butter, 8 ounces skim milk. Blend well and enjoy!  260 calories and 24 grams of protein. Plus, this substitutes an extra calorie treat for a yummy lower calorie meal.  A Win/win summer time weight loss secret.  
8. Substitute the guilt with pleasure.  You can build in a splurge and still be able to lose weight.  Really. Substitute healthy eating 90% of the time.  Be mindful of your food and drink so that you can truly enjoy when you allow yourself to eat (or drink) that warm weather treat you look forward to each year.  Without the guilt, you will be more likely to avoid weight gain from stress induced eating.

How to Lose Weight NOW

Losing weight for the summer is NOT impossible.  And you don’t have to go on a diet to avoid weight gain.  Just remember the SECRET WORD --- Substitute

What can you substitute every day to be successful in your weight loss challenge?  Are you ready for a Turnaround?

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