What are the Basic H² Ingredients?

Basic H IngredientsWhat are the magic ingredients in Basic H²?  What are these surfactants and natural ingredients, and how do they work so well?

Basic H² is organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is made from sustainably sourced ingredients derived from corn and coconuts.

More important than what is in it, is what is not in it. Basic H² is nontoxic and natural. It does not contain: phosphates, dyes, toxins, toxic fumes, hazardous chemicals, fragrance or chlorine. Household cleaners often contain many of the following, none of which are found in Basic H²: ammonia, chlorine bleach, phenol, butyl cellosolve, formaldehyde, phosphates, borates and nitrates. It is a super-concentrated cleaner made with biodegradable surfactants. It is designed to be safe and effective for your family and for the planet.