What difference could vitamins make for my health?

Shaklee Vitamins are HealthyPeople often ask me why I think so much of vitamins and supplements.  The short answer is that I believe that they are part of a healthier way to improve your life without the draconian list of potential side effects of many of the drugs we see daily on television, on the internet and in our magazines; the fact that there is often a whole page or more of potential side effects, many of them quite serious, is reason in my mind to try a lifestyle change first. An essential part of operating well in the world is ensuring that we are fueling our bodies with adequate nutrients to perform optimally.

There are numerous studies proving that we can greatly reduce our risk of numerous diseases and medical issues by changing how we eat, how we sleep, how we exercise, how we experience the world mentally and how we supplement.  At this point, one out of every two Americans is expected to get cancer at some point in his or her life.  The American Cancer Society reports that 60% of cancer related deaths could be prevented by changing our lifestyles: doing more physical activity, quitting smoking, losing weight and improving our nutrition.  The number one killer of women in the United States is heart disease. Yet, according to the American Heart Association, 80% of those deaths could be prevented by having proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.  Type 2 diabetes is rapidly increasing in the United States.  However, a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggests that a full 90% of type 2 diabetes is preventable through proper nutrition, achieving a healthy weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Even more than studies, we all know of numerous people who report that they have found simple and even miraculous relief from illness, discomfort and disease through lifestyle changes: losing weight, exercising, changing a mental outlook and nutrition. There are countless stories of people who have managed to improve or defeat serious medical conditions in large part by changing their diets and their supplements.  I always wonder why people would not want to optimize their diets and their supplements, even should they choose to pursue a course of pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.  Why wouldn’t one want to optimize the chances for a great health outcome?

Watch this Short Video and Learn Why Everyone Should be Taking Vitamins

Americans are the most overfed and undernourished citizens of this planet. We have every type of nutritiously void and reduced food available.  The amount of junk food and fast food which we consume as a nation is growing at a rapid rate.  We have brought home our junk food and stored it in our freezers to be microwaved and provide instant taste satisfaction.  Our palates are being trained by professionals to crave more salt, more fat, more sugar and even certain textures.  This is not enhancing our health.

Even the foods which should be nutritious- our fruits and vegetables-are seriously depleted of their nutritional value.  Estimates are that our crops have at least 38% less nutritional value than they did 50 years ago. So, even those few holdouts who try to eat a very healthy diet and actually shop the perimeter of the grocery store are not getting the same nutritional value from their fruits and vegetables that their grandparents did.

Our bodies require a wide variety of nutrients to perform all of their functions well.  When we don’t get those nutrients in sufficient quantities, our bodies suffer. Initially, some nutrients can be hijacked from one part of the body to another.  Eventually, our bodies stop functioning as well. Our bodies require vitamins, minerals, trace elements and proper nutrition in order to work properly.  Without the proper input, our bodies and our minds do not operate optimally. 

Unfortunately, like we have junk food which has little or no nutritional value, we also have vitamins and supplements with little or no nutritional value.  Not all vitamins and supplements are made of the same quality ingredients.  The manufacturing quality varies enormously.  As with food, we need to examine the purity, potency and quality of the vitamins and supplements we ingest. We need to supplement, but, we need to supplement wisely.

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