Who is NutritionPlusMe?

Jim & Peg Fulford - NutritionPlusMeNutritionPlusMe is a Shaklee Independent Distributor website managed by Jim & Peggy Fulford.  We are Executive Coordinators and work our Shaklee business full time.  Our website provides:
1. An educational resource for anyone interested in Shaklee, and specifically for our current and future customers.
2. An online ordering source to help facilitate fast, secure, ordering of Shaklee products.
Let’s discuss each of these in a bit more detail.

NutritionPlusMe as an Educational Resource

Most people that come to NutritionPLusMe have a specific concern and are looking for a solution.  This journey often begins on Google. So if you are looking to lose a few pounds you might google “quick weight loss” and then Google presents you with 49,100,000 articles….So you have lots of choices, your next step will be to choose the one that you believe will fit within your lifestyle, your goals, and your budget.

When your search brings you to nutritionplusme.com, we want to do more than say “Buy Our Weight Loss System”, we want to educate you about our products, the choices, highlight the science behind the products, make sure you know about the 100% money-back guarantee, etc.  So when you visit our Weight Loss blog, you’ll find tips, smoothie recipes, product documentation, testimonials, and even links to our clinical research.

We know that when you visit a website, you want fresh content with the latest information. Most websites have static outdated information.  At NutritionPlusMe, we produce new educational content every week (sometimes every day) and post it to our blog.  You can also sign up for our Health Updates and we’ll deliver these tips to your email box.

It’s nice to know that you can just call 1-800-323-5323 and ask us any question about your healthy life concerns*. If we don’t know the answer, we will contact the experts and get back to you with a recommendation.  However, most of our customers like to research first, and then call us to find out the best way to buy, and possibly get some last minute recommendations.

*We are not medical professionals and always recommend you seek the advice of your physician or medical advisor.

NutritionPlusMe to Order Shaklee Products

Sometimes you already know what product you want, but you don’t know where (or how) to get it.  Let’s say you have irregularity, and you remember that your mom used a Shaklee product called “Herb Lax”.

You google “Herb Lax” and see that it’s a Shaklee product sold via Shaklee Distributors. You don’t remember who your mom bought her Shaklee products from or maybe you remember that they are no longer selling Shaklee. 

With the convenience of the internet, you’ve found the NutritionPlusMe website.  We are Independent Shaklee Distributors who strive to give you assurance that when you deal with us you’re dealing with professionals.  We have an 800# for your convenience. We have an online chat service so we can answer your questions immediately, and we have a buyer rating system (Shopper Approved) that our customers use for feedback.  You can click on the links to make your purchase directly from Shaklee or call us to assist you.  You can have confidence that we will take good care of you.  We want you to know you’re working with someone that wants your Shaklee experience to be the best it can be.

NutritionPlusMe is a TEAM

In addition to Jim & Peggy Fulford, we partner with other Shaklee business leaders to help serve you better.  We do this in two ways. First, we have a team of top Shaklee leaders that support the NutritionPlusMe website with us. When you call our 1-800-323-5323 you will be connected to someone that’s a current Shaklee business leader, and has training on how to do over-the-phone, and over-the-internet orders.  This way, we always have someone ready to take your calls and help you with all things Shaklee.

Secondly, we have team members all over the country. You may be interested in Shaklee products or considering your own Shaklee business, but you don’t know who to talk to.  (If someone recently referred you to Shaklee, we encourage you to reach out to that person.) By partnering with our team members, we can often match you up with someone in your region that’s a perfect fit.