Do you want to Become a Shaklee Distributor?

One of the great things about the Shaklee business model is that it’s powered by Social Marketing and allows you to participate in the profits.  Shaklee has a USE – SHARE – BUILD framework that helps to identify where in the business model you’ll find the best fit.

Is VIVIX an Anti-Aging Supplement?

When we think of Anti-Aging, it is usually about products that are applied to the skin externally.  While that can be an effective way to minimize the signs of aging, wouldn’t it be great to slow aging at the cellular level, too?  Antioxidants are known to prevent premature cellular aging.  Vivix is an amazing product

Shaklee Landmark Study

As part of its 50th Anniversary, Shaklee commissioned the First ever Landmark Study, the largest study ever conducted in the dietary supplement industry and the first ever on long-term dietary supplement users of 20 years. Led by Dr. Gladys Block, renowned nutrition researcher and epidemiologist, this study conclusively showed that people who took Shaklee Vitamins and Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than both users of other popular brands and non supplement users.

Want to Know How to get a GREAT Price on Vivix?

Vivix is a fantastic product with so many benefits.  However, it's also more expensive than most of the Shaklee nutritionals. For this reason, people often come to the internet trying to find out where they can get a better price on Vivix.  They Google Vivix, they see "Wow Vivix is Available on Amazon"  and they think that must be their best option since Amazon has Free Prime shipping.  However, they do not realize that the Amazon seller has usually INFLATED the price to cover the shipping.  As our mom taught us all "There ain't no free lunch".  

Can you drink 100 glasses of wine?

Yipes, I hope not!  That’s what you’d need to do to equal one daily serving of Shaklee Vivix.  A 30-day supply of Vivix has the amount of resveratrol found in 3,000 glasses of red wine.

Are cleaning products making my family sick?

In my house we have only one kid, but, she has seven cats and two dogs in the house and other rescued guineas, geese and chickens who live in their own house. The issue of whether our cleaning products are safe for our kid and our pets is really important for us. We have too many creatures’ health at stake to risk using toxic cleaning products in and around our home and our pets.

How Often Should I Take Herb Lax?

Figuring out how many Herb Lax to take per day depends on YOU … but you don’t have to make the decision alone.  Herb-Lax has been used for years and you can benefit from the experiences of others who have used this supplement and rave about how much it helps them. It truly is a customer favorite.

Do I need a Local Shaklee Distributor?

When you’re looking for a Shaklee distributor to provide you with Shaklee products you may start your search by trying to find a Local Shaklee Distributor.

Before the Internet, Shaklee Distributors either kept a large stock of products on hand for their customers, or placed an order once a month or so.

Why Herb Lax?

Years ago ... lifetimes ago ... people ate food from their own fields and gardens, breathed fresh air, got tons of exercise and slept long nights.  Now, even if we have good intentions, it's hard to get all the fresh food, liquids, exercise, and sleep that we need each day. Enter Herb Lax.

Great AHA Moments at Shaklee Orlando Regional

Shaklee Orlando Regional - Best Regional Ever

The best summary of the Shaklee Orlando Regional conference is an old saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  Jim expressed this as we talked about all the things we learned, the clarity in our purpose that we saw, and the inspiration we felt throughout this event.  It was a great mixture of Shaklee culture, experienced leadership and young, fresh insights.

Doing Webinars with Webinar Ignition

As a Shaklee Distributor, I end up doing quite a few Webinars.  It's a great way to show people our business, our products, or just do training.  Over the past year I've used many platforms, and even wrote my own webinar platform for Today I've started using a new system call Webinar Ignition.

New Years Resolutions 2016

New Years Resolutions 2016 - A Solution to Help You Achieve The Six Most Popular

This week, we took part in a Shaklee webinar to kick off the next 100 Days to #LiveAmazing.  It was an inspiring hour of celebrating 2015 successes, new ideas for 2016, inspiring stories, how-to training, and motivational messages.  It’s time to start thinking about the New Years Resolutions 2016

Be Happy! You Can Find Natural Stress Relief Tips

It is possible!  You Can Find Natural Stress Relief Tips 

Isn't it confusing?  It is the happiest time of year.  Then why do so many of us feel overwhelmed with stress.  And, even with our best intentions, our mood is just sometimes gloomier than we expect it to be.  If you've been looking for natural stress relief tips, keep reading.   

Shaklee Telomere Study

Telomere study

In collaboration with a company called Telomere Diagnostics, Shaklee investigated telomere length (a marker of overall health) in two groups of people. The results of this Telomere Study are outlined in this article.

The control group consisted of healthy adults (age range about 30-80) who were nonsmokers with no known chronic diseases.

Shaklee Reviews - Products and Opportunity Review

Biased or Unbiased Shaklee Review

I felt compelled to write a short Shaklee review after looking at the results that came up after doing a Google Search of “Shaklee Reviews”.  If you are reading this review, then there’s a good chance that someone has talked to you about Shaklee, and you’re in the initial process of doing your online research about Shaklee.  You may be researching the Shaklee Products or the Shaklee Business Opportunity. 

30 Things You May Not Know about Shaklee

30 Things You May Not Know about Shaklee

1. Shaklee has invested over $300 million in clinical testing, research and product development

2. They perform over 100,000 quality tests each year to ensure the greatest purity and potency possible

3. They have produced over 100 scientific papers to demonstrate the scientific and clinical integrity behind Shaklee products. 90 of these papers have been published in peer reviewed journals

What are the Basic H² Ingredients?

What are the magic ingredients in Basic H²?  What are these surfactants and natural ingredients, and how do they work so well?

Basic H² is organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is made from sustainably sourced ingredients derived from corn and coconuts.