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Basic H² is an organic super cleaning concentrate.  It offers all you need to replace numerous store bought brands. It works for literally thousands of household jobs. It can be used on any washable surface indoors or outdoors.  It is an organic, green cleaner which works fabulously and economically.  It creates a safer home environment than most store brands and is far more economical.

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A 16 oz. bottle of Basic H² costs $12.15 retail or $10.35 for a member. (Click here to find out about FREE MEMBERSHIP with the purchase of a Get Clean Kit.) One 16 oz. bottle of basic H² makes 48 gallons of super powerful cleaner or as many as 5,824 bottles of window cleaner.

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Basic H² is organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  It is made from sustainably sourced ingredients derived from corn and coconuts. More important than what is in Basic H² is what is not in it.  Basic H² is nontoxic and natural. It does not contain: phosphates, dyes, toxins, toxic fumes, hazardous chemicals, fragrance or chlorine.  Household cleaners often contain many of the following, none of which are found in Basic H²: ammonia, chlorine bleach, phenol, butyl cellosolve, formaldehyde, phosphates, borates and nitrates.  Basic H² is a super-concentrated cleaner made with biodegradable surfactants.  It is designed to be safe and effective for your family and for the planet.

Basic H² is available only from Shaklee. NutritionPlusMe.com is an authorized Shaklee distributor and will help you place your order. It’s fast and easy. To order now, visit the Official Shaklee store and place your order online. NutritionPlusMe.com also has an easy order 800 number.  To order over the phone, call 1-800-323-5323.  Please call us to check if we have any current specials on Basic H². We will help you get a great price, and make sure you have a 5 star Shaklee shopping experience.

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Laundry - Woolens, nylons, and fine fabrics: 1/2 teaspoon to a basin of lukewarm water. - More Tips
Window Cleaner - Mix - Only 1 to 3 drops in 16 oz. spray bottle of water. If smearing occurs, mixture too strong – add water to dilute. - More Tips
16 oz. of Basic H² - makes 48 gallons of all-purpose cleaner - More Tips
Septic Safe - Basic H2 is safe for septic systems and graywater - More Tips
Septic Tanks - Keeps crust from forming. For maximum health of septic system use all of Shaklee’s phosphate free cleaning products. This will do much to promote the growth of needed friendly bacteria. - More Tips
16 oz. of Basic H² - makes the equivalent of over 5,800 bottles of Windex®* (26 oz. each) - More Tips
Clean Stainless Steel - ¼ teaspoon + 16 oz. of water. Spray and wipe clean - More Tips
Ironing - 1 drop in steam iron keeps the jets & interior clean. - More Tips
To remove Gum/Adhesive Residue - Apply full strength Basic H2 and rub to remove - More Tips
Fire Extinguisher - 1 tablespoon Basic H to 1 pint spray bottle; put water in first then add the H to prevent suds. Very effective on grease fires; keep one by the stove, in the tool box, by the welder… Also 1 gallon H to 55 gallons water in 55 gallon water barrel; suffocates a fire fast. In Fire trucks 1 gallon H to 1,000 gallons water. - More Tips
DeClutter - Basic H2 lets you dramatically reduce the number of bottles of stuff under your sink - More Tips
Glass Cleaner - 2 drops of Basic H2 and 16 oz. of water in a spray bottle make an amazing window and glass cleaner - More Tips
Don't use too much - If a drop or two of Basic H2 makes great window cleaner, is more better? No. Too much cleaner will streak your windows. - More Tips
Spray Yard to get Rid of Fleas - in hose spray bottle, fill with water; add 1 cap-full of Basic-H. Attach to hose & spray yard every 10 days for 3 applications. Use twice a year thereafter to control. Rinse all plants thoroughly. - More Tips
Floors - 1 tablespoon + 1 gallon of water. Apply to floor with sponge or mop - More Tips
To clean driveways - grills, engine grease, and pots and pans use 2 oz. Basic H2+ 1 gallon of water - More Tips
To clean paint brushes: - ½ tablespoon Basic H2 + ½ gallon water. Soak 24 hours and rinse with hot water. - More Tips
Don’t Like It? Don’t Pay for It - With our 100% money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Except dirt and a whole lot of toxins - More Tips
General Spot Remover - Apply Basic-H directly on spotted area. Use a toothbrush or finger to rub into area. Wipe off with a damp cloth or rinse in basin of water. (Removes coffee, ink, grass, etc) - More Tips
How to Mix and Use Basic H²

Believe it or not, Basic H² makes 48 gallons of effective cleaner from just a 16oz bottle of Basic H².

 (64 oz of Basic H² are also available). Its super concentrated formula takes only drops mixed with 16oz of water.

Basically, anything you can clean with water, you can clean with it. It dominates grease, grime, and dirt in over 1,000 different ways. Here is a small list to gather ideas on things you may want to clean.  Keep in mind you can use it to clean indoors or out on any washable surface.


What is a Green Home? More than a Trendy Concept

What Is a Green Home? It is More than a Trendy Concept ... 

Have you wondered  "what is a green home"?  Whether you are a first-time home buyer or not, purchasing a home that is ecologically friendly and energy efficient is worth the investment. In fact, having a “green home” is currently a very trendy concept in the real estate market.

Be Green Without Breaking Your Budget

Be Green on a Budget

There are several different ways that your household can go green on a budget. It starts with the basics, like establishing a compost pile, actively recycling items and making bills paperless when possible. If you want to take the next step to living a greener life without breaking your budget, consider these easy lifestyle adjustments.

Are cleaning products making my family sick?

In my house we have only one kid, but, she has seven cats and two dogs in the house and other rescued guineas, geese and chickens who live in their own house. The issue of whether our cleaning products are safe for our kid and our pets is really important for us. We have too many creatures’ health at stake to risk using toxic cleaning products in and around our home and our pets.

What are the Basic H² Ingredients?

What are the magic ingredients in Basic H²?  What are these surfactants and natural ingredients, and how do they work so well?

Basic H² is organic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is made from sustainably sourced ingredients derived from corn and coconuts.

How Basic H² Saves Money, Time, and Clutter

How can a simple cleaner like Basic H simplify our lives?  We see it in the Tiny House Movement. We see it in the numerous books and courses on how to sort through and reduce our possessions.  There is a sense that we are just dealing with too much stuff, too much information and too much complication in our lives. Taking care of all of that stuff has become a huge job and very expensive too.  For some of us, it is really hard to figure out where to start.  We want to simplify, but it is emotionally tough.

Basic H² vs Windex

Basic H², in conjunction with its “Get Clean” line out performs or matches 20 national brands. 

Some of the features that set Shaklee above the rest include their:

  • Super concentrated formula.History in scientific research backed to 1956.
  • The freedom to mix their formula how you want without needing to buy another product.

Take a look at this quick chart to see why Basic H² is better.


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