Why Herb Lax?

Years ago ... lifetimes ago ... people ate food from their own fields and gardens, breathed fresh air, got tons of exercise and slept long nights.  Now, even if we have good intentions, it's hard to get all the fresh food, liquids, exercise, and sleep that we need each day. Enter Herb Lax.

Are You Ignoring Digestive Health?

Is the Aging Population Ignoring Digestive Health?

Gasp - are you considered in the 'aging population"?  Well, many of us are, even if we don't consider ourselves in that category.  It is wonderful to feel good and be young at heart.  But since many of us are in denial, we may not pay attention to our own needs as they change over time. And often we just live with conditions using the belief that it's just because we are getting older and things don't work as well as they used to.

How Often Should I Take Herb Lax?

Figuring out how many Herb Lax to take per day depends on YOU … but you don’t have to make the decision alone.  Herb-Lax has been used for years and you can benefit from the experiences of others who have used this supplement and rave about how much it helps them. It truly is a customer favorite.

To help your body’s elimination system, drink two glasses of room temperature water when you get up in the morning.
to do TODAY to reduce constipation – Drink more water, get more exercise and eat more fiber.
What Causes Irregularity?

In a National Institutes of Health survey, a startling statistic about digestive health was identified.  Amazingly, more than 4 million Americans feel constipated frequently.  Do you ever suffer from irregularity? Although constipation is common in all age groups, people over age 65 suffer from it the most.  As a society, we are on the go, often not eating well, we get dehydrated and are sedentary. 

What Is Herb Lax History?

Shaklee's Herb Lax is still available and in wide use today. Herb Lax was the second product introduced in 1957 by Dr. Forrest Shaklee.  The longevity and successful use of this product by so many is a testament to the perfectly blended and balanced natural compound of herbs.  Shaklee folklore tells the story of Dr. Shaklee learning of the herbal combination from an elderly doctor he met while on a medical mission in Africa. 

Can I Have a Side Effect From Herb Lax?

Anytime you introduce a new food or supplement, your body may react.  Did you know that could be a good thing?  Really! You have Herb Lax.

When you first start taking Herb-Lax, be aware that you may experience a new discomfort or two.  What this most likely means is that you REALLY need Herb-Lax!  So, be patient, and you will be glad that you didn’t give up. 

What Are Herb Lax Ingredients?

Herb-Lax has NINE herbs and soluble fiber that have long been used for bowel support, health and cleansing.  Although it is a Shaklee proprietary blend, the ingredients have long histories and experiences individually and are blended together to provide YOU with optimum results.