Shaklee 180 Questions & Answers

What makes this program special?

The Shaklee 180® products have been formulated with lean protein and leucine to help you retain muscle. That means they are designed so you lose the fat, not the muscle. Muscle is what helps keep your metabolism up, which helps you with weight management. Shaklee 180® is designed to burn fat, so you see inch loss and pound loss which can improve the proportion of muscle to fat in your body. There is a reason muscle is called “lean”—pound for pound, muscle takes up less space than fat. Even when weight stays the same, you will notice your clothes fitting better! *


Eat a Summer Rainbow

Summer is the Time to Eat a Summer Rainbow

My family is blessed to live where sunshine is plentiful.  Fresh and healthy produce is in abundant supply. We are also blessed to have family members with strong beliefs and knowledge about good nutrition  My niece, who was born in China, shared with us about having a rainbow of colors on your plate.  She said the China way is to have many colors on our plate and to avoid a plate of only one or two colors.  So, now we look at our dinner plate in a whole new way.  And what better time to do that when you can eat a summer rainbow? 

Greens are easy to grow and are available all year-round. Try planting some in your garden so you can have a fresh, nutrient rich addition to your diet anytime. Make every meal a green one.
Technically classified as a cabbage, this mild-flavored green is a staple of Chinese cuisine and a wonderful addition to almost any stir-fry or as a side dish.
 Another southern favorite, mustard greens have a wonderful peppery flavor that makes them a unique and tasty addition to any meal.  
Chard is colorful, flavorful, and perfect for sautéing and contains only 30 calories per cup.  
Mild in flavor and one of the most well accepted greens; spinach can easily be added to any salad, or blended into your Smoothee.  
A traditional southern American favorite, they are great addition to soup stock or makes a great wrap instead of a tortilla.  
There are many kinds of kale, all of which have a slightly different flavor and texture. Try steaming kale or sautéing it as a side dish for your next meal.