Be Green Without Breaking Your Budget

Be Green on a Budget

There are several different ways that your household can go green on a budget. It starts with the basics, like establishing a compost pile, actively recycling items and making bills paperless when possible. If you want to take the next step to living a greener life without breaking your budget, consider these easy lifestyle adjustments.

What is a Green Home? More than a Trendy Concept

What Is a Green Home? It is More than a Trendy Concept ... 

Have you wondered  "what is a green home"?  Whether you are a first-time home buyer or not, purchasing a home that is ecologically friendly and energy efficient is worth the investment. In fact, having a “green home” is currently a very trendy concept in the real estate market.

If a drop or two of Basic H2 makes great window cleaner, is more better? No. Too much cleaner will streak your windows.
2 drops of Basic H2 and 16 oz. of water in a spray bottle make an amazing window and glass cleaner
½ tablespoon Basic H2 + ½ gallon water. Soak 24 hours and rinse with hot water.
grills, engine grease, and pots and pans use 2 oz. Basic H2+ 1 gallon of water
¼ teaspoon + 16 oz. of water. Spray and wipe clean
1 tablespoon + 1 gallon of water. Apply to floor with sponge or mop