Lack of Sleep Could Cause Chaos in Your Life

So Which Came First?  A Chicken or Egg Kind of Dilemma 

We hear it all the time.  "I have so much stress and my life is so crazy, I'm not getting enough sleep."  Hmmm, it just might be a possibility that a lack of sleep could cause chaos in your life. It is interesting to consider, is not enough sleep adding to your stress or is your stress causing you not to sleep. (Read more) about Lack of Sleep Could Cause Chaos in Your Life

How NutritionPlusMe Pricing Compares to Amazon Prime?

NutritionPlusMe is a Shaklee Distributor, which means your products are fresh, shipped to you directly from Shaklee, and covered by a 100% Lifetime Money-back Guarantee. We know that everyone wants to get the best possible prices on Shaklee products so we are often asked how NutritionPlusMe pricing compares to Amazon Prime. (Read more) about How NutritionPlusMe Pricing Compares to Amazon Prime?

Does Stress Cause Dementia?

Most of us know someone who has been affected by dementia or Alzheimer’s.  If not someone in our own family, but in the family of someone we know.  It is a devastating situation, not only for the patient, but for the family and those that provide care.  And for those of us with a family history, it brings the additional worry of ‘will it happen to me?’  And that adds stress to our already stressful lives.  So, it can be frightening to ask the questions, “Does stress cause dementia?” or “Does stress bring about Alzheimer’s?”  (Read more) about Does Stress Cause Dementia?

How to Avoid the Flu Naturally

How to Avoid the Flu Naturally - is it Flu and Cold Season or Unhealthy Living?

I am pretty good about following the advice of the experts.  But sometimes, it just doesn't seem to be a good fit for me.  We hear every year how important it is to get a flu shot.  I followed those instructions and still got sick every year.  So I have learned how to avoid the flu naturally.  For a number of years, I had a very high-stress corporate management position in a company that experienced its busiest season at the end of the year through January.  It was a time of hard work, long hours, little sleep, irregular eating and unending stress.  Every year, I got sick – a flu bug, a cold, a sinus infection, a stomach virus, intestinal flu.  (Read more) about How to Avoid the Flu Naturally

Shaklee Landmark Study

As part of its 50th Anniversary, Shaklee commissioned the First ever Landmark Study, the largest study ever conducted in the dietary supplement industry and the first ever on long-term dietary supplement users of 20 years. Led by Dr. Gladys Block, renowned nutrition researcher and epidemiologist, this study conclusively showed that people who took Shaklee Vitamins and Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than both users of other popular brands and non supplement users. (Read more) about Shaklee Landmark Study

What difference could vitamins make for my health?

People often ask me why I think so much of vitamins and supplements.  The short answer is that I believe that they are part of a healthier way to improve your life without the draconian list of potential side effects of many of the drugs we see daily on television, on the internet and in our magazines; the fact that there is often a whole page or more of potential side effects, many of them quite serious, is reason in my mind to try a lifestyle change first. (Read more) about What difference could vitamins make for my health?

One of the more common nutrient deficiencies in the most people’s diet is the lack of EPA and DHA found in fish oil
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