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The #1 thing people are looking for is a GREAT PRICE on their order.  We usually beat Amazon Prime Pricing by 15% to 40% and always provide access to the latest promotions.  You can order online, but to get great prices on products and shipping, call 1-800-323-5323.

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Call 1-800-323-5323 (our personal 800#), Shop Onlne, or Live Chat to order now.  We will take your order and make sure you get fast, personalized service.  Either way, we will strive to meet your needs and we will be honored to be YOUR Shaklee Distributor.

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Our goal is to provide you with an AMAZING site to learn more about these awesome products. Our Interactive Product Wizard will help you match the perfect product to your health concern.  Also, visit our BLOG for 100s of educational articles to keep you happy and healthy.

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There are many benefits from getting your products from a Shaklee Distributor. Not only do we have GREAT PRICING, but you also get your products shipped fresh from the distribution center with a money back guarantee.  Check out ALL THE BENEFITS of ordering from us.

Friendly Service - Call us so we can get to know each other and we’ll do our best to help you. - More Tips
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If you're looking for quick answers, this is the place.  Click below for Quick Answers to the most popular questions. For more in depth information, visit the complete articles below.  

If you are searching for a product for a specific health concern (like heart health), or want to make sure a product has certain characteristics (like Gluten Free, or Kosher), then use our Interactive Product Wizard.  It will quickly sort through hundreds of products and find just the right one.  For specific questions, just call us at 1-800-323-5323.

Losing weight is most Americans #1 health concern.  For a complete weight loss solution, learn more about Shaklee 180 by visiting our Weight Loss Blog.  We also have many supporting products that will assist you in your weight loss, like Herb Lax for digestive support, or Metabolic Boost to speed up your metabolism.  

NutritionPlusMe is an authorized Shaklee Distributor and can help you with most of your Shaklee needs. We have a detaiiled Shaklee Distributor Page that you should check first to find out what is the proper solution for your particular situation.  If you're looking for a distributor by name, just call Shaklee Corporate at 1-800-SHAKLEE.

Many people start wtih Shaklee Basic H² as a great foundation for a healthy home.  If you are looking to replace all of the toxic cleaners in your home, we suggest you start with a Get Clean Kit.

Shaklee Corporation wants all of its customers to have a personal connection with a Shaklee Distributor, so it does not allow sales of its products on sites like Amazon or EBay. Some people do buy after market or unapproved sales of products from Amazon hoping they will get better pricing, even though they are not guaranteed or validated to be fresh or stored properly.


Visit this Blog Post for a Comparision of Our Pricing to Amazon Prime.

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